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Fabulous Miami

Fabulous Miami started with a hobby by founder Fabiola Castro. A social bee and well connected to Miami's business and professional community; Fabiola was fond of attending social events along with her friend Alexandra Aguirre. The two ladies enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Miami's vibrant business social functions while building on their professional networks after work.

Fabiola recognized the benefits of establishing face to face connections and soon she pursued the idea of hosting her own events. In no time, Fabiola's Single & Mingle became a celebrated highlight within Brickell's business social scene. Single & Mingle was geared towards the urban professional while eager restaurateurs looked to her to help them promote their establishments and broaden their clientele.

In late 2008, Fabiola expanded her Single & Mingle concept into much more than just any social mixer. Alexandra was eager to become a part of Fabiola's aspirations as she had experienced for herself the success of each of these events. In May 2009, after countless months of work, planning and collaborating, the company was formally established as Fabulous Miami LLC.

Thus was born... FabulousMiami.com.

Just as Fabiola acknowledged the power of face to face connections, she also wanted to create a means of bringing people together before and after any given event. The objective became clear; create a private online social club where members will always have the opportunity to make connections whether within a social or online environment. To make it even more interesting; Fabulous Miami would engage sought-after and trusted establishments around town to offer their services and/or products at special discounts to FabulousMiami.com members.

FabulousMiami.com is about fun, connecting and experiencing life fabulously! The Members will not only benefit from Fabulous Miami events but also from all the many social events that will be posted on our site every single day. FabulousMiami.com's focus is specialized in fine dining, arts and culture, business social functions and events, sports and charities.

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